How to: "jumpstart" your Droid when no Wall charger is available

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When Motorola Droid's battery dries out w/out being charged for whatever reason, it does NOT power back on via micro USB to a computer's USB slot. It has to be a WALL CHARGER. 
So, imagine my scenario where I could not get a WALL charger to charge my Droid when I really needed it.
A google-mins later, came across this familiar instruction: cut up regular USB wires (not the micro USB!) to charge the battery with the - (black) and + (red) positive wires of the USB. You can just connect straight to the battery by - and +  and wait a few mins or more riskier method by putting the battery in phone with the - and + connected, then powering it on. When you see the bootloader displayed press power again and immediately switch to the micro USB once there's enough "juice." Again, press the power button and you should be rebooted back in :) 

Instructions Here

**use at your own risk
Motorola DROID and DROID II 1300mah Standard Battery

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